OM24 is a complex mixture of delicately balanced active substances from Camellia sinensis. A specially developed extraction process ensures a constant, optimal, and stable proportion of polyphenols, amino acids, minerals, and polysaccharides. This guarantees the consistently high quality and activity of OM24.

OM24 is of high purity, optimal solubility, and stability. These properties of OM24 are responsible for an unmatched bioactivity as is shown by comparing our own studies with published results.

A major advantage of the complexity of OM24 is its application against the metabolic syndrome: Multiple environmental influences impair life and cause a number of diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, inflammation and pain, cancer, as well as psychological problems.

OM24 acts simultaneously on four levels to bring them into a balance (4-level principle). Altogether, the body is strengthened in its ability to resist and overcome physical and mental stress.


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